• Graphic Design

    Custom Font Design

    If you need a font designed from scratch or if you wish to have a font modified to customize the outlines of certain letterforms, add additional characters, change the weight, or treat the font with a unique effect, the TypeArt® custom font service can do almost anything you need to have done.

    If you want an existing font edited, you will need to sign a contract to assure the TypeArt Foundry that the font being edited has been legally licensed by you, and that you will not be selling or distributing the edited font. You will continue to be bound by the licensing agreement you have with the original developer of the font. The TypeArt Foundry does not want to violate any agreement you have, and so only makes changes with your written commitment that you are not violating your license agreement and will maintain it's limitations with the edited version.

    For further information, rates and a quotation, please contact Lloyd Springer at lloydspr@typeart.com.