About Me


Lloyd Springer is a graphic designer and the creator of TypeArt® Foundry, (which was operating as Digiteyes Multimedia before 1997). He trained in 1990 as a "desktop publisher", where his mentor Stan Newman first exposed him to the wonders of typography, the sexy curves of a letterform and the exquisite beauty of a well kerned headline. He was hooked. He proceeded to work with type in the classic deskop publishing application Aldus PageMaker and then later transitioned to QuarkXpress, doing page layouts and design work for print and design houses first, and then becoming the main page layout and design artist for the head office of a nation-wide company which published a monthly magazine.

Frustrated by what seemed a lack of inspiring fonts on the market during this new age of digital design, and in particular the absence of the grunge fonts that were becoming popular in advertising, he began experimenting with creating his own type designs to release into the public arena. For a few years he worked his day job all day and then stayed on and worked all evening and into the wee hours designing and experimenting with fonts, until he was ready to leave the day job and launch his own business selling his first batch of type designs. He has been designing fonts on and off ever since, for more than 25 years. Many of the designs are available on this www.TypeArt.com site and also available through other font distribution channels. His type designs have been used in film and in print on many different products over the years, by many brand name businesses.

Passionate about a variety of creative arts, he also dabbles in comics and cartooning and records and composes music. Examples of these works will be added to this site over time.