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TypeArt® Font Library

The TypeArt® font library includes all 385 type designs spanning 25 years to include every TypeArt® font release created since it's beginnings in the early 1990s. Individual fonts and font families can be purchased with an instant download from TypeArt® distribution channels which include MyFonts.com, Bitstream, Monotype and YWFT, whereas orders from this site are full bundle purchases which are processed manually.

If you'd like to purchase the entire bundle… this exclusive offer is only available from this www.TypeArt.com website and you will be directly supporting the font designer for the many thousands of production hours spent creating this diverse font collection. The bundle includes the entire set of 385 TypeArt® fonts (that come from 89 unique font families) for only US $480 which is less than $1.25 per font and more than 92% off the total of the individual family list prices. If even a small fraction of these font families are of interest you, you will receive great value by taking advantage of this bundle.

To purchase, please send an e-mail to lloydspr@typeart.com with any questions and for further details. Each order is processed manually. Preferred method of payment is via PayPal using this same e-mail address, and delivery is electronic. There are no additional fees unless you want a hard copy disc to be couriered to you with a printed font catalog. That would add US $45 to your order to cover administration and courier fees.

For more information please check out the Frequently Asked Questions.
To find out further details about licensing, here is the License Agreement.
Please e-mail licensing@typeart.com with any specific questions.


US $480 for complete bundle


Mac or PC
PostScript and TrueType

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