• Graphic Design

    Art and Illustrations

    Need a portrait or Illustration created for your book cover or magazine article? Perhaps a series of them which all need to work well together? Artwork for an album cover or custom poster? Different kinds of artwork can be created according to you particular needs, and if you need a series of images that all have a similar kind of look, that can easily be done.

  • Photography

    Graphic Design

    Since there is not always time available to take on all projects, please note that the kind of projects I'm most interested in working on are more illustrative designs, like rock posters, book covers or album cover artwork, etc. Making a set of trading cards or other projects that involve a series of designs are the ones that hold the most appeal. In some cases I will gladly do projects of a more straight forward, corporate flavour, but I will prioritize interesting projects since time is limited and there isn't much room to take on too many client projects at the same time.

  • Print Design

    Rates and Estimates

    Services are generally charged by the hour, but an estimate can be provided to give you an idea of what the approximate cost will be to realize your objective. For most jobs an advance of half the estimated cost of the project will need to be made up front because doing hours of dedicated work without a guarantee of payment for the effort in not conducive to the dedication required.

    For further information, rates and a quotation, please contact Lloyd Springer at lloydspr@typeart.com.