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TypeArt® fonts are used by creative people all over the world, and are utilized by many major advertising agencies, book publishers, magazines, technology companies, web designers, graphic designers, art students and font enthusiasts on 6 of 7 continents. Here is a small sampling of some of the comments we have received:

The faces are beautiful. I'm very impressed....
-- Eric Newman

Great site, excellent organization, WONDERFUL FONT DESIGNS!
-- John Banks

I like your fonts a lot...You have some of the best designs I've seen.
-- Bill Tchakirides

I thought your webpage was FANTASTIC!...
I'm very impressed, and that's to say the least.
-- Eric Townsend

A font junkie's heaven....
-- John Banks

Thanks for pointing me towards your page...I find your typeface designs quite lovely.
-- Daniel Will-Harris

[The font was] no problem to download and use!! Enjoying it very much!
-- Eric Townsend

...your faces are exciting and well-done...these pages are wonderful!
-- Joshua Lurie-Terrell

...you've got terrific typefaces!
-- Jaime de Andrés Pacheco

Thank you so very much for the update to your font! What service!
-- Eric Lease Morgan

I'm enjoying my fonts tremendously...Thanks for your prompt service....
-- Robert Erwin

Your web site rocks and your fonts are even better!
You guys have the best fonts I have ever seen...awesome...incredible!
-- Adam Pratt

If you have something to say about our fonts, or this web site, please send us an e-mail to comments@TypeArt.com. We welcome all feedback, and would appreciate your input.