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I SHOULD LIKE to acknowledge here the helpful suggestions of my erstwhile associate MR.C. LAURON HOOPER, and the critical reading of the manuscript by my friend MR. LESLIE A. MARCHAND of Rutgers University.

I would also thank MR. JO DAVIDSON, the sculptor, for his kind permission to present as frontispiece the picture of his plaster bust of me--which was used for casting a bronze, the last work he was able to complete in Paris before the beginning of the present war in Europe. I would especially thank MR. HAROLD A. SMALL, Editor of the University of California Press, for his kind assistance and interest, and for his painstaking care in the presentation of the text for this book.

A number of the illustrations of the machines, and so forth, are from photographs made for me by my friend MR. EARL H. EMMONS, and I beg to express my appreciation of his kindness.


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This electronic version of Goudy's Typologia is reproduced by permission of the University of California Press.

While this online, interactive version is a useful reference work for typographers and typesetters, it does not compare with reading the actual book, which is available in paperback (ISBN 0520-03278-0), and printed in Goudy's own "University of California Old Style" fount, set with unique ligatures, and laid out by Goudy himself. Get more "Typologia" Order Information.

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