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Having problems? Here are some suggestions for troubleshooting the most common issues.

When I click my mouse over the FONT CLASS names, nothing happens. Why is that?

When you move your mouse over the font class names (the yellow words) on the left hand side of our navigation system, the names of all font families within a particular class should pop up, allowing you to select which font family you would like to view.

If you are experiencing trouble using our dynamic menu system, you may be using an older browser which does not support JavaScript™, or you may have JavaScript™ turned off in your browser. Please make sure that JavaScript™ is activated.

The dynamic menus still don't work. Can I view the fonts another way?

Yes indeed. If you are unable to use the dynamic menus, then you can quickly view all of the different families by looking at the Line Samples which show basic lines of type for each family in the library, and have clickable links which lead to a page where you can view additional samples from that family, and add any of the styles to your shopping cart. We also have a Quick Gallery where you can view all of the main graphic images included on the site in a quick viewing format, which should load more quickly for viewers with older browsers and slower connections. Another option is to use the alphabetical family listings on the Price List or the ABC Search pages, to navigate through the system.

You can also simply click on "Next Family" which is the link right below the style listings on the right side of any font family graphic. Clicking on "Next Family" will lead you through every family in the font catalog and will truly allow you to experience the FONT-O-RAMA element of the web site.

I know the name of the font I am looking for. How can I search for it quickly?

Your best option is to click on the Price List or the ABC Search links, which will show you a list of all the font families in alphabetical order. You can then click on a family name to be taken to a particular family page where you can view samples of that font family and add it to your shopping cart if you choose.

Another way to find a family alphabetically is to scroll through the Line Samples which show basic lines of type for each family in the library, and have clickable links which lead to the related family page.

The graphics are cool, but I am still using a 14.4 modem. Is there a less graphic intensive way to view the fonts?

Yes. You can view the Line Samples of the font families. When you see a line sample which you like, you can click on that sample to be taken to a family page where you can view further samples of that font family and add it to your shopping cart if you choose.

I have never used an e-commerce shopping cart system. How does it work?

There is a very informative overview of how the shopping cart works in our Order Information section.

I can't seem to use the online ordering system. Can I send my order by e-mail?

Yes. If you are unable to use our online ordering system, and would like to place an order by e-mail, please send us a message with the subject heading "FONT ORDER" and include the following information:

1) Your name
2) Contact e-mail address
3) Contact phone number & area code
4) Your city and country
5) Fonts being ordered
6) Font platform: Mac or PC?
7) Font format: PostScript (Type 1) or TrueType
8) VISA number
9) Credit card expiry date
10) Name on credit card
11) Credit card billing address
12) Contact or shipping address (if we are sending you a Printed Catalog or our Full Typeface Library)

Please remember that submitting credit card information via e-mail is not as secure, and that you do so at your own risk.

I placed an order and did not receive the fonts. When will I get them?

You should have received a link to a page where you can download your order within a couple of minutes after submitting your order. Usually the order process is flawless, but in those rare cases where there is a glitch, there could be numerous different reasons for the problem. Therefore, if you encounter such difficulties or if your computer or browser crashed during the order process, please contact us at orders@TypeArt.com (or call 1-800-289-8973) and explain the problem to us. We will get to the bottom of it and make sure that you get your delivery.