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Are TypeArt® fonts Euro-equipped?

Yes indeed, since 2002.

Are TypeArt fonts available in OpenType format?

The newly improved versions of TypeArt fonts to be released in OpenType format are being worked on at this very moment, and are planned for release by the end of the first quarter 2013.

In the meantime, should I order the TrueType or PostScript versions of the font(s)?

If you have a PC, then ordering the TrueType version of the font is recommended, unless you have a particular reason for ordering the PostScript.

If you are running a Mac, then we have always recommend PostScript (Type 1) in the past. The PostScript versions tend to run more efficiently on a Mac and tend print more quickly. We have recently encountered reports, however, that the PostScript fonts may not function properly with Mac OSX. We are hoping to get to the bottom of this, soon, but in the meantime you may be safer ordering Mac TrueType fonts if you are running OSX or if you will soon be upgrading to OSX.

How much does it cost to license fonts for multiple computers?

If you wish to license your fonts for use on multiple workstations, you have the option to automatically calculate the additional licensing fee online when you are ready to check out. Our basic prices include licensing for installation onto 1 computer, and additional licensing comes at $2.50 font/CPU. In other words, If you are licensing a 4-font family and wish to install it onto 1 additional computer, the added fee would be:

$2.50 x (number of fonts) x (number of CPUs) = $2.50 x 4 x 1 = $10

For more information about Multiple-User Site Licensing, please read our Type License Agreement.

I'm ordering a lot of fonts for a whole bunch of computers. Can't I get a special rate?

If you are ordering numerous fonts and planning to license them onto more than 30 computers, we may be able to give you a better rate on the Multiple-User Site Licensing than you would get by doing the calculation on the check out page. Please contact licensing@TypeArt.com to request a special quotation.

What kind of savings would I get if I ordered the Full TypeArt® Library?

Huge savings. If you added up all of the individual list prices of each font family and then compared that total to the current price of our Full Library you would find the savings to be in area of about 65% to 70%. This is reduced even more if you happen to order our Full Library at a time when we have it marked down (see the next section) or when you use one of the special discount codes we may send from time to time in our newsletters.

Also, if you are ordering the Full Library, we may offer you reduced rates on the Multiple-User Site Licensing. Please contact licensing@TypeArt.com to request a special quotation.

Since you are creating OpenType versions of TypeArt® fonts, can I buy the Full Library right now at an even more reduced price than listed on the site and then get a FREE upgrade to the OpenType Library when it is released?

Why yes. What a great idea! Please e-mail orders@TypeArt.com to inquire about a rate that is hundreds of dollars lower than that currently listed on the site. Basically, you help in funding the development of the new library, and in gratitude we give you a spanking good rate and a free update to the new collection which will include a bunch of new styles and some nice improvements.

Are there other advantages to ordering the Full TypeArt® Library?

Yes indeed. You can flip through our printed catalog, which shows the fonts in design contexts, and instantly be able to start experimenting with any of the fonts you see. You'll get free family updates, receive discounts on new font families which you license within a year of your initial purchase, and you'll also receive our next two font family releases for FREE.

Can I have both the PostScript and TrueType versions of the same font?

If you try to order both versions using our online ordering system, you will pay for the same family twice. If for some reason you need to have both formats of the font, you can e-mail us at customer_service@TypeArt.com to request that we send the second format for no additional charge. Depending on the circumstance, we may ask that you pay an additional licensing fee to cover the installation of the fonts onto another computer.

Can I get both a Mac and PC version of the same font?

As with the answer to the above question, if you try to order both versions using our online ordering system, you will pay for the same family twice. If for some reason you need to have both platform versions of the font, you can e-mail us at customer_service@TypeArt.com to request that we send the alternate format for no additional charge. Depending on the circumstance, we may ask that you pay an additional licensing fee to cover the installation of the fonts onto both computers.

I neglected to order the companion family, and now I want it. Can I still get the special rate?

We generally allow customers to take advantage of the reduced companion family rates for a couple of weeks after then have made their initial purpose, allowing you to decide to upgrade your order and license the additional family as well. Using the online ordering system, you will not be able to get the special rate because the system will not know what you have previously ordered. In order to take advantage of the special reduced rates, please contact us by phone or by e-mail within 14 days of your initial order.

Do your fonts come with an International Character Set?

All of our fonts currently have a minimum of 235 printable characters, including most of the international characters and accents which are used to set type in many European languages. Our fonts also include stylized symbol characters which are usually referenced from the symbol font when using most commercial typefaces. This comes in most handy for users who want a "registered", "copyright" or "trademark" symbol in the same style of font as the text they are setting.

Many of the fonts created after 1998 also include fractions. All of the new versions of the fonts to be released as OpenTypes will have fractions and some other added characters.

If, in future, we decide to release some fonts which do not have all the special characters, we will make it clear the font has only a basic character set.

If you would like to purchase enhanced versions of any of our fonts with additional accented characters to cover languages not covered with our current character set, please contact us with a request and for a quote.

How do I access the Special Characters in a TypeArt® font?

As with all properly designed commercial fonts, special characters can be accessed by using standard keyboard commands. All font orders include a Special Characters PDF file which tells you how you can access all of these characters.

In some cases, our fonts have unusual characters in some of the special character slots (most often these are additional ligatures which we think you might find useful when setting your type). The family-specific text file which comes with your font download will explain what additional characters may be available and how you can access them.

Not all of the 235 characters in our fonts are accessible to both Mac and PC users. While Mac users can access some letterforms which the PC users cannot, there are also those which are only available to PC users. These special characters, though inaccessible in regular page layout and word processing programs, are still in the font, and can be obtained by opening the font in a program like Fontographer and replacing characters which you do not use with those others which are not normally accessible on your platform.

Why are my PC fonts named differently than the font names shown on your web site?

This information is soon to be out of date, as the OpenTypes will not have this issue. Currently, because of naming restrictions for PC fonts, some font family names had to be modified for the PC versions.

In our Post Industrial family, for example, the Mac version comes in the following styles:
Light, Light Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, Dark, Dark Italic

For the PC version, we had to build two separate families.

Post Industrial (which is the primary family name) contains:
Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic (equivalent to the Light and Dark weights).

Post Industrial Medium (which is the secondary family name) contains:
Regular and Italic (of the Medium weights).

I ordered your printed catalog. Why was it not a part of my font download?

Our catalog is actually a printed-ink, physical document. It will be sent to your contact/shipping address by Air Mail, and should reach you within 2-4 weeks, unless you specified FedEx delivery.

What's the difference between your Italic and Oblique styles?

Any TypeArt® font that has the name "Oblique" in its style, is simply a skewed version of the regular or bold version of the font. If a font has the name "Italic" in its style, then it actually has some characters, which have been modified to give the version a more unique flavour. The most common letters that are modified to form an italic face are the letters "a" and "g".

I can't open the PDF files that came with my fonts. How do I do this?

You first need to get the Adobe® Acrobat Reader. This software is FREE, and if you don't already have a copy, you really ought to add it to your collection of Internet utilities. Acrobat's PDF (Portable Document Format) has become the standard file format for creating cross platform documents. The layout, fonts and graphics are embedded into these PDF documents so that they look the same on any device and are readable by Acrobat software on ANY computer platform.

To download a free copy of this software, here is a link to the Adobe® site where you can grab copies of Acrobat for any platform. Please be aware that by continuing, you will be leaving this site and going to Adobe's Acrobat page. Go to the Acrobat Download Page now! http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html

Why the wacky font names? Who owns them?

We try to come up with names that suit the style of the font and are both catchy and able to show off some of the most distinctive letters of the typeface. All of our font names are trademarks of the TypeArt Foundry Inc.

How come your fonts don't look as well kerned in some applications?

While many applications support kerning, these days, there are still some which do not. All of our faces are carefully and MANUALLY kerned, so that they include essential kerning pairs, but not an unnecessary excess of them. Great attempts have been made to eliminate the need for excessive kerning by setting proper character widths to begin with. The objective when designing any face is to set the spacing properly so that when the font is used in an application which does not support kerning, it will still look as pleasing as possible.

If you use our fonts in applications that offer you the choice of turning the kerning on or off, be sure that the kerning is turned on. In ADOBE® ILLUSTRATOR, for example, be sure that you DO check the box which says "auto kerning", when you use our fonts. With "auto kerning" unselected, Illustrator ignores the kerning pairs built into a font.

Many TypeArt® fonts are intended for use as larger display type. For that reason, they may have been spaced and kerned more tightly than type intended for smaller point sizes. If you use those faces in an application that does not support kerning, certain letter combinations may look unpleasant. When using tightly kerned faces at smaller point sizes, we suggest that you increase the tracking of the font.

In almost all cases, the uppercase characters of our fonts have NOT been kerned to FOLLOW a lowercase letter. Since that is not conventionally done, except in stylized headlines and logos, we did not add these extra kern pairs... and in most situations, proper spacing does not make this an issue anyway.

Are accented characters also kerned in your fonts?

Yes. In most cases accent characters have been given the same kerning as their root characters. Therefore the kerning of "Noel" will be the same as for "Nöel", for example.

Do I have to pay for a font upgrade when a new version comes out?

There may be a minor upgrade fee to receive the newly improved OpenType versions of the fonts, since quite a few improvements have been made, and the task of validifying previous orders would take way too much time to offer everyone a free update. Customers who purchased the Full Library will be offered the replacement library for free.

If you licensed an early version of a font family, which perhaps had fewer styles (and for which you probably paid a reduced rate), you may be asked to pay a small upgrade fee in order to upgrade to the newly released full family version.

In the event that your hard drive failed or you lost data in a flood, or some other misfortune, replacement fonts may be provided free of charge if the original order can be verified. If the order cannot be verified, each situation will be considered on a case-by-case basis and at the TypeArt Foundry's discretion.

I have discovered a problem with my new font, which I think is a bug. What should I do?

While we always aim to provide a high-quality product, we cannot take into account all the possible problems that may occur when using the different combinations of applications and platforms available. Generally, our fonts will work flawlessly on all computer systems, but if you do encounter a situation where this is not the case, we would appreciate your reporting this to us at bugreport@TypeArt.com. Please describe the problem and remember to include the name of the font, tell us whether you are using a Mac or PC, and the operating system, and whether you have a PostScript or TrueType version of the font.

We also welcome any reports or suggestions you may have with regards to kerning or spacing. If we make your suggested improvements to the font, you will be first on the list to receive a free upgrade.

Will I encounter conflicts with your font ID numbers?

This will longer be relavent with the new OpenTypes, but for our legacy fonts they all have unique postscript ID numbers, which have been registered in a database kept by Adobe Systems Inc. You should not, therefore, encounter font conflicts with any other commercial fonts. You can check the font ID numbers for each font in the "history" section for each font.

Why the coloured suitcase icons? (Mac users only)

For Mac users, you will notice that you get a customized suitcase icon when you obtain our fonts. Just for your reference, a blue custom suitcase indicates that you have a Type 1 version of the font, and a red custom suitcase indicates that you have a TrueType version.

Why are there no AFM files included with the fonts I ordered?

We no longer distribute AFM files with our fonts. Over the course of seven years marketing fonts over the Internet not one customer has ever requested an AFM file.

I want to give your fonts to all my friends and post them on the Internet. Can I?

No. Certainly not. Please remember that TypeArt® fonts are NOT shareware. They may NOT be freely distributed or posted on bulletin boards or in newsgroups.

I've designed a logo using your font and I'm planning to mass market products which use that logo? Am I allowed to do this?

You would first need to contact us for an additional merchandising license.

Can I use your fonts on a book cover or a movie poster?

Yes, by all means.

Can I use your fonts in an iPad document or electronic book I am publishing? The computer program I am creating?

You would first need to contact us to arrange for an additional e-license. Please contact us for the latest license terms and restrictions.

Can I still get a copy of your amazing printed catalog?

Although the option to order to TypeArt Catalog was removed from the shopping cart, we still have copies available which can be sent out if you really want one. The cost would be $12 and can be added to any PayPal font order, or even ordered individually.

The catalog will be sent by Air Mail to the contact address you provide. Please allow 2-4 weeks for catalog to arrive. If you want faster delivery by courier, please add courier rates listed on the shopping cart page pulldown menu.

Why don't you digitize your catalog and make it available as a free download for iPad or desktop use?

This is certainly being considered and is going to be a likely development. Also being considered is the creation of some cool YouTube videos to show off font samples with music. Stay tuned!

If you like this idea or have any other suggestions or encouragements, e-mails are welcomed. Will accept and consider criticisms too, if you have something on your mind.

Additional Questions or Comments?

If you have any other questions about our fonts, which were not answered here, please feel free to send a message to orders@TypeArt.com or customer_service@TypeArt.com