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Website concept, fonts and graphics by Lloyd Springer

Website consulting, programming and implementation by Interactive Design Group

With Special Thanks to:

  • Peter and Ileana Springer whose support and encouragement were essential ingredients
  • Leo Donati who supplied a first computer experience
  • Jane Springer and Steve Osbourne who directed a young lad towards the world of publishing
  • Stan Newman who taught a love and appreciation of TYPE
  • Ted Ayles who is the best boss anyone could ever have, and a crucial link in the chain
  • Stephen Spector for his technical assistance, eager willingness to help, and a slow first modem
  • Michael Fergusson who first demonstrated surfing, and encouraged thoughts of "Internet"
  • Michael Spector for his assistance in font construction
  • Liana Bordon for her constant enthusiasm and interest in this project (Green means finished!)
  • Lori Paul who purchased the first font, and whose "symbolic first dollar" is framed in the TypeArt office
  • Jordana Citrano for the fabulous pieces of original artwork she contributed to the printed catalog, many which have been adapted for use on the website.
  • Margo Catamo for her expert proofreading of the printed catalog
  • Helene Beauregard for proofreading both our original printed catalog and the 2001 edition.
  • The folks at Interactive Design Group for their painstaking work and patience in implementing this fantastic website.

and to all the type designers who have come before, and helped to inspire these designs.