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The TypeArt Foundry Inc. first began as a company called Digiteyes Multimedia which was founded by Lloyd Springer in 1992. In the early years, the business involved graphic design, desktop publishing, and experiments in sound recording and interactive environments. Finding that there seemed to be a real shortage of cool fonts available for designers in the DTP industry, creating typefaces and establishing itself as a digital type foundry became the primary focus of the company in 1994. In 1998 the company name was officially changed to the TypeArt Foundry, and incorporated. "TypeArt®" is the name of all font products produced by the TypeArt Foundry Inc., and is a registered trademark of the TypeArt Foundry Inc.


about the designer

designerPresently, all of our typefaces are created by Lloyd Springer, who produced the original TypeArt® web site in 1995, and then established the TypeArt Foundry Inc. in 1998.

"When I was first learning the art of typesetting and design, I was lucky to have as my teacher the likes of Stan Newman, who encouraged in all his students a very healthy appreciation for type. He would come into the class, spot the headline on a magazine ad and go into an enjoyable tirade about how much work had gone into the smug kerning of a particular line of type. He repeated over and over how important it was to collect samples of the ads and magazine pages which we encountered in our daily lives--for if they contained samples of good graphic design and typography, they would surely serve later as a source of inspiration.

And so I began collecting and collecting. And the more samples I collected the more I began to appreciate the different kinds of faces I was coming across. I soon became obsessive about it, asking friends if I could rip apart their newly bought magazines, forcing myself to look through ALL my junk mail, and then, having completely lost it, taking screen captures every time I saw a neat typeface on TV, or even taking photographs of billboards and signage.

And so a typographic virginity was lost and a font nut was created.

My obsession with type has numerous advantages for TypeArt® customers. Because I have such a keen appreciation for typesetting and design, I work hard at creating high quality fonts which result in a minimum amount of work for the end user. I take great pride in properly kerning my faces. When I first started doing it, I did not realize the importance of properly determining the best width for each character, and as a result I tended to overdo the kerning pairs, creating many which were unnecessary. Over time, I learned the proper balance between spacing and kerning (something which changes from face to face). Although you can not always account for every possible letter combination, my goal is to create the kind of fonts that will necessitate a minimum amount of manual kerning. I want designers to keep using my faces over and over both because they find them attractive and because they do not require a lot of nudging and fine tuning.

I aspire to keep producing a wide variety of fonts in a range of different styles, to continue to make the TypeArt® collection a more and more powerful set of font tools that no designer will want to do without."

The TypeArt Foundry is also looking into marketing the work of other type designers, to continue to provide a more diverse selection to suit the needs of its customers.